Get your voice heard loud and clear.

The Digital Voice is a digital tech PR company with a difference.

We bring your company and brand to life through engaging PR campaigns, awareness-driving communications, and immersive virtual experiences.

Our extensive experience in digital tech communications means we are experts at managing everything from press distribution and content creation to thought leadership and speaking engagements. 

As the mouthpiece for your business, we are the extension of your brand and will promote and amplify your message to reach relevant press and prospects.


So how do we work?


The Digital Voice works closely with businesses to achieve media exposure and deliver high quality content that engages. 


Whether you are looking to simply build on your brand awareness or boldly launch a new service, you are always guaranteed a significant amount of PR, content marketing and comms activity that helps you connect with your audience. 


Standout in a noisy world with a digital B2B PR consultancy designed for businesses who have plenty to say and need a voice to ensure their message is heard.

We work with a range of mar-tech and ad-tech clients across all industries and have extensive experience within the digital tech industry. 


Our expertise lies in areas including gaming, brand safety, programmatic, automation, digital ad trading, partnership marketing, and creative tech.

Over the years, we’ve built up an enviable client roster that includes organisations such as Impact, IAA, Inskin Media, Adnami, Cavai, White Bullet Solutions, tmwi, Audience Store, Adverty, Brand Metrics, Covatic, and Admixer.


Reach out to the team now and let us start getting your voice heard.

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"Thanks a lot IAA UK and The Digital Voice for this great PAC 2020 and Virtual experience. The most interactive virtual event I participated in this year!"

-Pierre-Luc Madillo, CNN International Account Manager